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About Me

DerrickĀ  Isaacson, Director of Engineering, Lucid Software

I am currently a director of development at Lucid Software, Inc. I develop the backend platform that powers our flagship product Lucidchart. I also manage one of the two server teams, and serve as the recruiting committee chair. Check out our leading online diagramming application at

Professional and Educational History

Before Lucid Software, I worked at Domo on the web application team designing, architecting, and developing their high performance, highly scalable executive management platform. I submitted patents, worked closely with the customer success team, and operated the live site.

Before Domo, I worked on the Bing Social team, where we built all things social for Microsoft’s Online Services Division. We built the social features that made Bing, MSN, XBOXLive, and other online properties sticky. We owned strategic partnerships with Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, building features that integrated their services into Bing and MSN.

I graduated with a master’s in computer science from Stanford University in March 2009. I specialized in systems, and studied advanced operating systems, distributed systems, distributed databases, and computer networking.

Before going to Stanford I worked as a software engineer for I worked on a team of 9 engineers that developed a large tier 1 service for the website. We developed a massive high performance service that served many millions of requests every five minutes, all representing up to millions of dollars of revenue an hour. Our system did this while maintaining tier 1 standards for availability and integrity of data, and while receiving a huge number of updates in real time.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Brigham Young University in April 2006, graduating summa cum laude. I studied digital architecture, embedded systems, and FPGAs.


Derrick at Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge disappearing into the clouds.

I have filed two patent applications. One is a security protocol for REST services to authenticate users and client applications. The application was filed at Microsoft. The second is for a cloud monitoring invention. The application was filed at Domo.


In addition to cloud computing, I enjoy skiing, cycling, running, reading, and trips to the hardware store with my son.

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